Over the past 30 years, the use of digital pH meters for determining and monitoring pH, acidity or acidity has grown dramatically. pH measurement is not only done in laboratories, but is now also measured in the following industries: the environment, agriculture, horticulture, wastewater industry, the food industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, fish extraction, metalworking, education and everywhere where quality is important. This means that each application requires special tools, designed to suit individual needs and personnel with different backgrounds or training.


In the pharmaceutical industry, pH meters are used to measure the pH of water or sample solutions.


Easylab has developed specific measuring equipment for the control of your water treatment and also for the control of your effluent.


Easylab offers agriculture and horticulture a variety of measurement tools to increase crop yields and help maximize growth.


With an ever-growing population, it is essential that we monitor water quality in the environment so that we can detect changes and take action when needed.


The pH value of various products is also measured in food. Think of meat, yogurt, cheese and milk.

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